Thermal Imaging During Home Inspections

home inspector with thermal imaging

The Importance of Thermal Imaging During a Home Inspection

Thermal imaging (the use of an infrared camera for inspection purposes) is an invaluable tool while conducting home inspections. 

The video above shows a leak that was found during a home inspection in Johnson City, TN from an upstairs bathroom, that would have been very difficult if not impossible to find with the naked eye alone. 

Infrared cameras are a great resource to find leaks, moisture infiltration, electrical hotpots or deficiencies, areas of missing insulation, and on and on. 

The defect above will allow the homebuyer to have this area repaired, instead of continuing to leak, causing further damage and possible fungal growth due to the moisture. I’ve also included how I typically write this up in a home inspection report.

Thermal imaging is included for free with every home inspection I conduct, or is also available as a standalone inspection for existing homeowners to ensure the homes plumbing is performing without leaks. 

Thermal Imaging Leak Home Inspection
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