Major Foundation Issues Found During Home Inspection

home inspection found foundation issues


Major Foundation Issues

I wanted to share this video to show one of the worst foundations I have come across in my 1200 or so Inspections.

I’m going to let the video speak for itself, but the problem here is a home built on a hillside without a reinforced foundation. On typical construction on a relatively flat grade, it’s not going to cause issues to stack CMU block six to even ten or more block high without reinforcement.

But on a foundation constructed on a heavily sloped grade, reinforcement is a must. This reinforcement would have to be engineer designed, but typically you would have rebar ran through the openings in the block and then do a concrete fill through the openings. The footings would have most likely have been oversized in an engineer designed foundation such as this.

The amount of cracking on these foundation walls shows something, somewhere was missed or not adequately planned for.

Enjoy the video 🙂

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